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Our Story

Strategic selling is an experiential profession.  With a basic aptitude and a positive attitude for selling, most individuals become more proficient with time and experience. This was true for our founder. As a legacy to leave behind, our founder created G.O.A.T. Selling Academy to sharply reduce the time/experience ratio that she experienced, for the benefit of individual salespeople and for sales teams that come after her.



Our Mission

After a long and highly successful strategic selling career, our founder believes that by sharing the key principles she has developed, she can help you supercharge the selling skills of your sales teams.  G.O.A.T. Selling Academy was created as a method to deliver this knowledge to the marketplace in an affordable and time-efficient way.


Our Clients

G.O.A.T. Selling Academy is designed specifically for organizations that offer complex products or solutions to a competitive marketplace.  Clients typically have teams which include a salesperson, a technical support person or engineer, as well as interaction with product management, product marketing and post-sales support teams.  While the Principles are designed with salespeople and sales teams in mind, the Academy is valuable for any team member who has direct client-facing responsibilities.


Why G.O.A.T. Selling Academy?

In today’s selling environment for complex products and solutions, most companies are making key investments in sophisticated marketing strategies to fill the top of the sales funnel with leads. However, it remains the job of a direct salesperson to qualify and lead that potential prospect to a sale.


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To assist their sales teams to improve lead-to-close productivity, companies continue to make significant investments in automation tools and even AI. What is still missing in this formula is the skills development of the personnel charged with converting leads to revenue.

What currently constitutes “salesperson development” in many companies is the occasional and infrequent one-time sales training event at an annual meeting or bringing in a speaker from time to time. While this may spark a short-term spike in salesperson motivation and achievement, the results are quickly lost as the elements are not reinforced on a regular basis. Also, the cost to take salespeople out of the field is significant in both travel cost and selling time.

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G.O.A.T. Selling Academy was formed to address the need for ongoing selling skills training and reinforcement by providing a subscription-based, on-demand sales training program delivered via recorded video sessions and reinforced with homework assignments geared to the student's unique selling environment.  The initial course, G.O.A.T. Selling Fundamentals, includes 9 modules, each of which take 30 to 90 minutes to complete.  The  course also includes a range of skills assessments that allow the student to measure their progress along the way.



G.O.A.T. Selling Academy offers sales skills training and techniques developed by Cynthia Hammersley over a 42-year career in technology sales where she closed over $100M in new business. In most roles she was the top corporate sales professional based on sales results.  This training combines the development of emotional intelligence skills around 6 fundamental operational principles:


If you want your sales team to become the “Greatest of All Time,” you will want to get them subscribed to G.O.A.T. Selling Academy today!

Moving People


"I highly recommend Cynthia's GOAT Selling Academy. Over her career, she has developed a tried-and-true process that gets results! Not only is she a master of preparation, diligently researching every angle in order provide the client with the best experience and solution, she also practices a professional persistence that all sales people should follow. In her initial discovery calls, she maps out the entire process from the kick-off call to go-live and leaves nothing off the table. This leads to larger deals and client evangelists that buy consistently over the long term."


Mitch Morgan

Former Manager



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