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Cynthia has 42 years of sales experience, primarily in technology, with a focus on strategic selling.  In the last 3 years of her career, Cynthia closed over $30M in sales and brought in more than 10 new blue-chip logos to her employer.  In her career she has negotiated well over $100M in sales and has been a top achiever in nearly every company she worked with.

Cynthia started selling technology in the early days, when no one really knew how to go about it. There was no template to follow.  Most large companies invested in weeks to months of training for new salespeople to give them the best chance at success.  Cynthia took great advantage of this and over time developed a template for winning at the sales game.

Today, most companies give new salespeople a phone and a computer and expect them to figure out how to find, groom, pitch and close complex deals with no real training or tools. Most sales managers are so overwhelmed with just managing deal flow and product/service challenges, they have little time to train their people, even If they have the skills to do so. Even worse, many organizations think “sales enablement” is product training.

Cynthia has created G.O.A.T. Selling Academy to share the approaches she has developed over a long and successful career, that have kept her at the top of the sales leader board, as a legacy to today’s technology sellers.

Please check out The Academy tab to learn more.

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